“…mindfulness is evident in the large moon-jar, quiet pots by Ruth Elizabeth Jones, whose forms seem to carve into the surrounding space.”
Corinne Julius, journalist, broadcaster, critic and curator

“I really do have an emotional response to your work. I experience connection with concepts like mother, moon, womb, holding, eternal. When I watch the video [Mother Vessel emerging from the ash, Facebook, 10.2.23] there’s a sense of awe, of birth and the edges of remembering the centuries past when similar processes took place. I love the timelessness of the work and the product. I’m not surprised to hear you chant when making these vessels – they seem to represent some of that.
The development of your work over the decades towards the moon jars feels like a full and rounded expression too. And for me these jars represent that feminine maturity and wisdom.
I just love these.”
Miriam Grace, psychotherapist and writer

The New Current

Interview with culture website, The New Current. March 2, 2023

Artmag, Feb 2023

You can read the whole issue and full article here: Artmag February 2023, issue 249.