Cosmos Forms

Cosmos Forms


Print + Ceramic Collaboration

Collaboration creates momentum and momentum is about process and time

Ruth Elizabeth Jones and Emma Varley share similarities in their meditative process, the layering of
rolled thin skins of colour onto a plexiglass plate born onto paper by the rotating metal roller in the
print press; mirrors the coils of pressed grogged clay layered and built into walls, which are scraped
back to reveal form, born from fire and kindled by smoke to create lunar like surfaces.
Time and process through meditative repetition has become a reference point from which to


United by time and process the ‘Cosmos Forms’ capture personal worlds suspended in form and
colour, objects of mediation which reference the natural world. As a single entity with a
clear focal point or as multiples they evoke the natural environment, radiating, vibrating and pulsing.
The black porcelain forms are wheel thrown, ‘centres of energy’ touchable earth with throwing lines
that evoke primordial mark-making, trails of white glaze are brush applied again referencing time and
the natural environment; a spiral, a repeated motion, a circle, the globe, our planet the stars, sun,
moon……cyclical nature of time, the universe, the cosmos.
The digital drawings are created on an iPad, ‘centres of energy’ are locked in a cloud of technology
untouchable like the cosmos. A finger tip trails multiple coloured spirals from the centre, edges meet,
over lap, collide and dance on the backlit screen. Printed onto ceramic decals, water floated onto the
forms and fired to become fused with the mature clay body.
Lockdown has slowed the collaborative process but not halted it. Conversations have continued; how
can the discs be varied and inverted to create convex forms? Collaboration is via Whats App, images
and dialogue exchanged over video chat. When circumstance allows, the work will be showcased in
both digital and ‘new normal’ exhibitions.
Ruth Elizabeth Jones and Emma Varley have exhibited with Spring Fling for the past three years and
have honed their collaborative process over time and by sharing best practice as Lecturers in Creative
Industries at Dumfries and Galloway College.
Ruth Elizabeth Jones & Emma Varley