Ruth Elizabeth Jones

“My work explores harmony of form in clay vessels and their refined surfaces. Made through the meditative actions of hand-building and throwing, the works evoke a holding and containing space – feminine forms, often with wide hips and generous bellies. Attention to refinements in foot, belly, shoulder and neck affect the tranquility and balance of form while the lip detail creates the transition between the inner volume and the outer space.

I am perpetually fascinated by the distant echoes of shapes from the past, often produced in matriarchal societies, used for food and for long forgotten ritual and spiritual practices. Thus my work draws on certain sophisticated forms from the European neolithic, alongside more familiar historical wares.

I strive for contrast in tone and texture. Using gritty black clay, smooth white porcelain, raw surfaces, glazes, slips and smoke-firing.

I view throwing and hand-building as cyclic fluid processes where the end results should retain that essence of movement and growth. Subtle throwing lines, brushed slip and scraping marks spiral up, from centre to rim, emphasising the circularity. Refinements affect the attitude of the finished forms: lively, subdued, hopeful or dignified.”

Ruth Elizabeth Jones
May 2021